"Navin and the Holia team provide an exceptionally unique offering in today's business world. Merging logical thinking processes with mindfulness and corporate meditation practices to birth a new holistic paradigm for organizational leadership and growth. Navin is engaged with the ELM executive team, providing mentorship and consulting for our 2020 strategic initiatives at a holistic level. With Navin's multi-industry experience and trained, expert logic, his insights challenge elm's existing industry assumptions, paving the way for us to create a decisive value offer to drive business goals and results."

Andrew Fayad - CEO

ELM Learning

"I have attended two workshops led by Navin and both workshops have really blown me away. It brought incredible insight about our internal drivers and how our past is influencing our present life and way of being. It is a deeply personal experience and very revealing. In the last workshop, after exploring what we wanted for our lives, I ended up partnering with another attendee and within two months we successfully launched our business."

Nina Jolic - Founder & President

Evalign, San Diego

"I took the Art of Performance with my business partner. It perfectly aligned with the values and vision we have for our company. It helped us to clearly define our roles and gave us an understanding of how to embody those roles. We were also infused with new energy and enthusiasm for the company we want to build. No longer overwhelmed by the prospect of the effort it will take to create what we want, we understand that what we desire already exists and it is up to us to wake up to it and share it for the enrichment of everyone." 

Jessica Wright - CoFounder & CoHost

She's On Top, Toronto

"The Art of Performance delivered by Holia helps create a fundamental understanding of what it takes to make things happen. The insights of who and what is a “performer” is mind-blowing! The discoveries of the workshop is life changing for the individual and the environment (in this case - our workplace and culture. Things begin to happen, not progressively - just exponentially."

Tim Fernandez - Managing Director

Live & Inspire Group of Companies, Kuala Lumpur

"I highly recommend Holia's programs for any entrepreneur, employee or leader who is looking to understand what a true high-performance means and to integrate this into one`s life. Navin has a special gift to see into people deeply and mirror you back to you. You will realize that your performance is nothing to do with your title but its about you flowering in whatever you choose to do. I left the workshop in a super high energy and with plenty of ideas for my start-up business. Thank you!" 

Siiri Musten - Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

Elevus, Zurich

"Having to perform at work I had sometimes wondered what made the difference between me being in a flow or just being frustrated by the task at hand. Holia provided us with a great workshop that beats any corporate in-house training that usually barely scratches the surface of related topics. It beautifully dissected the science behind our questions in depth and shown us rather not what we have to do but how we have to be."

Karl Barton - Product Manager

Automotive OEM, Germany

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