Reveal the focus for your transformation efforts

The Holistic Leadership Blueprint Analysis is exclusively designed for high-performing leaders who are integral to the success of the organisation.

It involves a one-on one 90-minute interview that uncovers the key underlying areas that provide the holistic focus for the development needed for the next jump in growth and performance.

The analysis will provide clarity on the foll0wing topics:

  • Self-Perception / Identity
  • Challenges that are preventing growth
  • Potential for Actualisation

The Holistic Organisational Blueprint Analysis is a rigorous systemic iteration of the organisation strategy, tactics, associated processes, measurements and results. The analysis helps to identify the key constraint of the organisation from a holistic perspective that integrates the market and the organisation.

Identifying the constraint brings focus to the specific areas the organisation needs to develop to leverage the biggest impact towards its growth and performance.

The analysis will provide the following deliverables:

  • Current systemic reality and its root dilemma
  • Gap between the organisational strategy and execution
  • Area of focus for development during transition phase  
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