TRAINING PROGRAMS learning designed to unlock

The Performer Leader 

This workshop enables leaders with powerful holistic thinking processes for transformative change. The mastery over our thinking empowers us to effectively surface and challenge weak assumptions and conflicts that hinder systemic growth and transformation. If you are looking to thrive in today's VUCCA (Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Constraints-Ambiguity) world, the holistic systemic thinking process will provide a significant edge for you and your organisation to thrive successfully now and into the future.


The Art of Performance - Blueprint of The Performer is a unique workshop that delivers the critical focus needed to catalyse the inherent anti-fragile resilience within leaders. This is the capacity to embody challenges as the next step of growth for you and the reality you desire. The recognition of the performer leader as an identity that recognises itself as a process of embodying "what-is" to "what can be". If you are looking to go past the stagnant, predictable results in your personal or business reality, this learning is the decisive action that you can take to be an endless agent of breakthrough transformation.



The Holia signature leadership audit is conducted via a 90-minute one-on-one interview and involves an in-depth analysis of the leader identity and orientation. The result of this audit will cover the following indicators and bring focus to the development needed to unlock the leadership potential to its fullest to successfully embody the roles, accountabilities and objectives for the organisation.

  • 'Man in the Mirror’ Reality Check Assesment
  • Leadership Growth Synthesis Needs
  • Self-Recognition Awareness Assessment


The Holia holistic organisational audit is a rigorous analysis of the systemic structures and relationships of the organisation's business, comprising the people, process and product in integration with its market. The audit will process the following indicators with the deliverable of determining of focus the organisation needs to develop, to produce the largest impact towards growth.

  • Uncovering the systemic root dilemma from the causal relationships between existing undesirable effects
  • Challenging validity of underlying systemic assumptions  
  • Revealing organisational gaps and focus of change/development efforts