TRAINING PROGRAMS learning designed to unlock the transformation agent 

The Transformative Performance is a 1-day intensive workshop that provokes the atmosphere for executives to embody the breakthrough performance needed. This empowers them to cultivate an agile identity that can transform their inherent potential and excellence to achieve their objectives and goals.  

  • Agile Identity - The 6 Mindful Steps of Transformative Performance  
  •  Learning the principles of ACT - Action that Causes Transformation
  • Embodying Results - Creating the Atmosphere for Breakthrough Results

This 3-day workshop equips individuals and teams with powerful thinking processes for transformative change. This is a skill using logical thinking processes to transform challenges and problems into breakthrough solutions. This is a powerful asset in driving results especially in uncertain and volatile business environments. 

  • Uncovering systemic root assumptions and causes.
  • Dissolving root conflicts and revealing "win-win" solutions
  • Transforming the 6 layers of 'Resistance To Change'

The Art of Performance is a highly engaging 2-day mindfulness-based program that offers an innovative approach to the participant to access an impactful presence and resilience as a performer that outputs performance that impactfully shapes their results.

  • Re-establishing the right view over oneself as a performer
  • Learning to Embody the 'Flow State' in Performing
  • Decoding Barriers in Performance and the readiness needed to move beyond them
  • Living the Science of Growth in the right evaluation of one’s performance and the ability to identify the specific areas of growth

The Four Points of Rightness is an experiential learning workshop that offers a guide on how you can re-establish a growth-based order with yourself , others and the surrounding reality. This empowers self-responsibility and inclusivity that feeds a culture of harmonious co-creation. 

  • Living as an 'Effector' rather than being affected.
  • Navigating Preconditions (Unconscious Bias). 
  • Breaking through the pattern of conflict creation as a need for separative identities.
  • Create a culture that breeds collaboration, respect and emergence.  

It is necessary to have a good sales execution process. However, it is decisive when backed by a market-driven value strategy. The executive sales leadership program equips you with the holistic thinking tools necessary to build and see a decisive value offer.

  • Harness Holistic Thinking Tools to cultivate transparency and objectivity.
  • Apply thinking to rigorously analyse and close available gaps on performance and value to reveal decisive value offers.
  • Create knowledge transfer process of DVO to salesforce personnel to sell and drive results.
  • Kick off the process of ongoing feedback and calibration for ever-increasing value to all stakeholders.

Peak sales performers do not strive to sell successfully. Instead, they show up as the owner of sales success and hold themelves to its actualisation. The executive sales performer program facilitates the process and space to catalyse the peak sales performer to be realised and lived.

  • Establishing for oneself the identity of a peak performer.
  • Agility in clarifying and embodying roles to hold desired outcomes. 
  • Accountability of results as a driver of effective sales cadence.
  • Showing up to vulnerability as a inner resolve towards ongoing learning, growth and excellence.