Excerpt form a recent talk at the BA & Beyond 2019 Conference in Amsterdam

Is resilience your true leadership demand?

In a time of uncertainty from people to purpose, coupled with shifting worldviews and trends, the demand for leadership resilience is becoming increasingly significant. Leadership resilience can be referred to as the unwavering inner drive, focus, passion and the capacity to respond and remain objective in challenging situations.


What clarity is needed for the leaders of the future?

An embodied perspective of any system that appears simple or complex, the strength of a leader lies in having the clarity of what actually demands the most attention with regards to the biggest impact on the organization’s output performance or goal. 

Is resistance to transform simply a lack of clarity?

Recently, I recalled a piece of information I learned while implementing TOC (Theory of Constraints) principles in an organization in response to the ever-popular notion of resistance to change. What was interesting was that notion was not as simplistic as a ‘one-size fits all’ explanation to why resistance to change was happening. Instead, there were essentially 6 layers to it as per the following article.